What to wear what to wearrrrr
Q: Your music taste is lovely. Killin me as always. 💜

You’re killin me cause I can’t kiss ur cute faaaace.

FaceTime date again soon? 😋

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Q: Also, if you have time, could you maybe post a small list of your fave sad songs?

Here’s just a few for when you’re sitting there blank in a fog these make you feel again & It’s so good to feel something.

And if my heart should somehow stop - James Vincent mcmorrow

Best shot - birdy & jaymes young

The best today - keaton henson

The drowning - keaton henson

You - keaton henson

Empty - Ray lamontagne

Home - daughter

Gracious - Ben Howard

People help the people - Birdy

Skinny love - Bon Iver

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Q: Sooo you're friends with one of my old friends and that's how I found out about your blog and Insta but anyways you're really talented, and I love all of your photos a lot. Stay rad Xoxo

1. Who are you? 2. Thank you kind, anon 3. Come off anon.

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Kanye is so dope because he’s doing what he wants in life and it’s so damn inspiring.
My life is just impulse decisions on what snack I’ll eat while I watch adventure time.
Q: You're going to go get doughnuts :D where's mine hmmmmmmm :p you better bring me one :p any whooooo what's your favorite doughnut?

Haha yes I just got a dozen and now jake and I are eating them while we watch adventure time! So I mean come get one if you want 😛 but I don’t have a favorite just as long as it’s got a fruity filling I’m happy. What about yours?!

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Q: What's one of your fetishes?

When girls are in my bed with top knots, eye glasses and jelly on their nips.

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Ask me some crazy ass questions. Like anything!!

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